Personal Cloud Storage

Coming soon, Executive Legal Services will offer a new service for the safekeeping and storage of your personal documents.  These items will be stored on a cloud system, with user access available 24/7.  In the event of a natural disaster, if all personal documents or other important information is lost due to water, fire, or other damage, retrieval will be easy on our system.

SpaceVaults, LLC is the name of our system.

SpaceVaults is an online storage based system featuring user-friendly searchable PDFs and JPEGs.  Music and Videos can be stored as well.  Files are organized in various folders, such as CAR VAULT, HOUSE VAULT, PET VAULT, WEDDING PIC VAULT, for easy location and retrieval.  Search feature enables user to find an item that they cannot locate within a certain folder, because each item will be named accordingly in a simple fashion for easy retrieval (IE: RON’S ID SCAN).  Items are stored online for safe keeping; the items are never directly on your computer or mobile device.  Any item ranging from Driver’s License, to Birth Certificate, Health Insurance Card, Passport, or any important document, picture, video, music, or any file which is relevant to each user is available for such service.  Anything that you want or need to prove that you are YOU in the event of a natural disaster or identity theft.  SubVaults within main vaults will also allow easy order personalized for each user.

Documents or Files that one might store on SpaceVaults:

  • Driver’s License Scan
  • Birth Certificate Scan
  • Passport Scan
  • Social Security Card Scan
  • Warranty Information Scans (ie: Best Buy, Auto, Tools, etc.)
  • Health Insurance Scan
  • Health Records/Doctor’s Information Scans
  • Home Owner’s Insurance Scan
  • Auto Insurance Scan
  • Jewelry Appraisal Scan
  • Estate Planning Document Scan such as Will, Trust, POA, Living Will
  • Pet Documentation Scan
  • Marriage License
  • Dissolution Documents Scan
  • Home Owner’s Document Scan
  • Bank Account Information Scan
  • Other Financial Investment Scans
  • Debit/Credit Card Scan
  • Auto Titles Scans
  • Maintenance Records Scans
  • Business Records Scans
  • Tax Records Scans
  • Various Legal Document Scans
  • Daily Medication Scans


  • Priceless Family Photos
  • Personal Music for striving recording artists
  • Personal Music Libraries




Our Society is continually going paper-less.  Natural Disaster’s occur.  Protect yourself and your family.  Even a simple accident such as losing your wallet could be a terrible experience if you do not know what was in it, keep a vault of what was inside your wallet, and have 800#s readily available to call and alert your bank or other providers and notify them of your loss.


Ever been pulled over and discovered that you forgot your license at home?  Pull up your SpaceVaults and have the scan of your Driver’s License available to show the authorities.


At the Doctor’s Office and need a record for your children but left it at home? Pull up your SpaceVaults and have the information available.


Ever have your computer crash and lose vital information such as pictures, music file, home movie files, word documents, or anything else?  Store these on SpaceVaults for quick and easy recovery.